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Lemongrass Spray

Lemongrass Spray


Introducing our Lemongrass Spray – your all-natural solution to refresh your surroundings and uplift your senses! This versatile spray is 100% natural and can be used as an air freshener, body mist, linen spray, or bathroom air freshener.

Crafted with pure Lemongrass essential oil, this spray offers a delightful citrusy aroma that invigorates the mind and promotes a sense of well-being.

Let's talk about the benefits of Lemongrass essential oil. Lemongrass is known for its refreshing and revitalizing properties. It helps to purify the air, neutralize odors, and create a fresh and uplifting atmosphere. Its invigorating scent also helps to boost energy levels and improve focus, making it perfect for revitalizing any space.

Our Lemongrass Spray is free from synthetic fragrances, harsh chemicals, and artificial additives, ensuring a pure and natural experience every time you use it. Plus, its versatile formula allows you to enjoy its benefits wherever you go – whether you're freshening up your home, spritzing your linens, or rejuvenating your body and mind.

Experience the refreshing and energizing benefits of our Lemongrass Spray and elevate your everyday routine with the power of nature's aromas. Transform any space into a sanctuary of freshness and vitality, naturally.

Try our Lemongrass Spray today and discover the natural way to refresh and revive your surroundings. With its all-natural ingredients and versatile uses, it's the perfect addition to your home and self-care routine. Breathe deeply, feel refreshed, and embrace the power of Lemongrass!





This product is Vegan and cruelty free. We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals.

  • Ingredients:

    Purified Water, Witch Hazel, and Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil.

  • How to use

    Give it a good shake before each use. Use as often as desired.

    Multi versatile! Use as a body spray/natural perfume my misting the body and the clothes. *Make sure to avoid spraying into the face and avoid misting into the eyes.

    To use as a bathroom spray: Spray after you go, and no one else will ever know!

    To use as a linen spray: Spritz your sheets and pillow for a fresh invigorating scent.

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