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Momma and Baby Basket

Momma and Baby Basket


Our Momma and Baby Basket is the ultimate gift for new moms and toddlers alike. With a focus on natural ingredients, this basket includes skin care products that are gentle and safe for both mom and baby. From protecting delicate skin from irritations and rashes, to soothing congested noses and promoting a peaceful night's sleep, this basket has everything you need to care for your little one. With our all natural products, you can rest easy knowing that you are providing the best care possible for your family.


This basket includes:

  • Sun Protection Lotion which helps to protect from UVA and UVB rays of the sun. With non-nano zinc oxide acting as little mirrors, reflecting away from the body the negative UV rays of the sun, while still allowing your body to product vitamin D.
  • Child Bug Spray is perfect for little ones under 3 years of age. Essential oils can be quite potent and so this spray has only Peppermint Hydrosol and purifies water. No essential oils, nothing harsh.
  • Lavender Balm is excellent for if your child gets a sun burn. Lavender is known for its amazing healing powers. Lavender heals without scarring and is an excellent burn remedy.
  • Our Baby Wash which is suitable for your babies bodies and hair! Gentle surfactants that are perfect for their sensitive skin.
  • Our Baby Bottom Lotion, protecting their tushies from rash and irritation. A little goes a long way and also helps with irriation that can be caused from yeast infections and irritated creases.
  • Our Calendula Balm is perfect for craddle cap, eczema, psoriasis and their cheeks when they get red from thier saliva. This balm is also great for post pregnancy healing for moms in that delicate area.
  • Vapor Rub helps to soothe congestion and provide much needed relief!
  • Lavender balm is not only for soothing and rest but also a powerful and safe healer for cuts and scrapes
  • Bedtime mist for those sleepless nights. Suitable for both mom and baby!
  • Calendula Lotion is a perfect way to hydrate both parents and babys skin without any essential oils.
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