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Hand Soap

Hand Soap


Introducing our All-Natural Hand Soap – your gentle and effective solution for clean, nourished hands without any harsh chemicals! Crafted with a blend of natural ingredients including castile soap, cocoglucoside, glycerin, and essential oils, this soap provides a luxurious cleansing experience that's good for you and the planet.


Let's talk about the ingredients. Castile soap, made from plant-based oils like olive oil, is renowned for its gentle cleansing properties, making it perfect for even the most sensitive skin.


Cocoglucoside, derived from coconut oil and glucose, helps to effectively remove dirt and impurities without stripping away your skin's natural moisture.


Glycerin acts as a humectant, attracting moisture to the skin and leaving it feeling soft and hydrated.


And essential oils provide a delightful fragrance while offering additional skin benefits, leaving your hands feeling clean, refreshed, and invigorated.


Our All-Natural Hand Soap is free from harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and artificial colors, making it safe and gentle for the whole family to use. Plus, its eco-friendly formula is biodegradable and planet-friendly, ensuring that you can feel good about the products you use in your home.


Whether you're washing your hands after a long day at work, preparing a meal in the kitchen, or simply looking for a gentle and effective cleanser for your family, our All-Natural Hand Soap is the perfect choice. Its blend of natural ingredients and essential oils provides a luxurious cleansing experience that's both effective and nourishing.


Experience the difference of our All-Natural Hand Soap and treat your hands to the care they deserve. With its gentle yet effective formula, you can enjoy clean, nourished hands without any harsh chemicals or synthetic additives.




This product is Vegan and cruelty free. We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals.

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  • Ingredients

    Purified Water, Castille Soap, Cocoglucoside, Glycerin, Essential Oils.

    Lemon: Lemongrass Essential Oil


    Hippie: Patchouli, Lemongrass and Orange essential oils

    Zen Garden: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Marjoram, Ginger, Lavender, Balsam Fir, and Rosemary Essential Oil.

    Thieves: Clove, Cinnamon, Oregano, Lemon, Rosemary and Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

    Peppermint Rosemary

    Breathe/Sara's : Orange, Niaouli, Lavender, Spearmint, Patchouli, Pine and Bergamot Essential Oils


  • How to use:

    Use as you would a hand wash.

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