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Dog Lovers Basket

Dog Lovers Basket


Our Dog Lovers Basket is the perfect gift for any dog parent. It includes all the essentials for keeping your furry friend clean and healthy. Our products are safe and effective, made with only the highest quality ingredients. Give your pup the love they deserve with our Dog Lovers Basket.


This basket includes:

  • Dog Anxiety Spray which helps to calm your pup from every day stressors. Whether its going for a car ride, or perhaps its for when you leave your pup home alone, this spray will help to work on calming the nervous system and teaching them to stay relaxed and happy! Safe to be sprayed on their backs, beds, furniture and the air. Always avoid spraying the face.
  • Pet Odor Spray for those stinky pet smells! We love our pets but they can leave behind odor thats not always pleasant! Perfect for spraying on couches, cushions, bedding, car seats and for them! Always avoid spraying into the face and delicate areas.
  • Tick and Bug Spray helps to repel ticks and other pesky pests from bothering and attaching to your pup! Spray them and their collar and leash for extra protection! Always avoid spraying into the face and delicate areas.
  • Dog Paw Balm is perfect for both summer and winter. In the summer it heals their paws from abrasions caused by hot pavement and sidewalks. In the winter it helps to protect their paws from the salt which can burn their pads.
  • Dog Shampoo keeps their coat looking and smelling clean and fresh!
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