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5 amazing uses for Rosemary!

Most commonly used for cooking, Rosemary is more than a common kitchen herb!

Rosemary is a shrub with fragrant, evergreen, needle-like leaves and white, pink, purple, or blue flowers, native to the Mediterranean region.

Rosemary is amazing for the skin, hair, emotional and the brain!

Here is 5 amazing uses for Rosemary (both the herb and essential oil!)

  1. Did you know, Rosemary has an amazing ability to improve the memory? Smelling rosemary on a daily basis can improve the memory up to 50%. Studies have shown that smelling rosemary improves cognitive function, as well as speed and accuracy! Try diffusing it in a diffuser, misting a room with a Rosemary room spray or try boiling fresh rosemary herb in a pot of water!

  2. Rosemary Essential Oil works wonders on boosting the immune system. Rosemary Essential Oil has detoxifying properties that are believed to help boost immunity. It is said to stimulate the body to rapidly eliminate waste and soothe digestive ailments. Rosemary is a key component in our 4Thieves Essential Oil. Find it here:

  3. Rosemary can help to reduce the level of harmful stress hormones that are released during tense experiences. Try soaking in a bath of Himalayan and Epsom salts along with rosemary, bergamot and lavender to reduce stress.

  4. Rosemary has an inherant ability to help relieve chest and nasal congestion by opening up the airways! Along with Frankincense, Eucalyptus and Pine, these essential oils help to soothe spastic cough, calm the muscles and open up the air ways.

  5. Hair care! Rosemary is an essential ingredient in many hair care products due to its ability to help stimulate hair follicles to grow, as well as strengthen and condition the hair. Find it in our hair care products here:

There you have it! Rosemary's many uses for every day needs!

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